Jerzy Borowski and Lina Liljenberg split
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Jerzy Borowski and Lina Liljenberg split

Posted on szombat, 18 nov. 2017, 21:05 by admin
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We would like to announce that after 1.5 years of dancing together Jerzy Borowski and Lina Liljenberg decided to terminate their partnership. They were Swedish Amateur Ballroom champions. See more results.

They wrote: We would like to thank first of all each other for all time we spent together! And of course to all of you who followed us and supported us! A huge thanks to our coaches and mentors Gustaf and Valentina Lundin, Simona Fancello and Wiktor Kiszka!!! Thank you for opportunities and your passion! Without you our journey wouldn't be possible. Both of us will continue to enjoy dancing!

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