Anton Lam-Viri and Anastasiia Savinskaia split

Anton Lam-Viri and Anastasiia Savinskaia split

Posted on péntek, 27 dec. 2019, 19:28 by admin
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After 5 years of dancing together, Anton Lam-Viri and Anastasiia Savinskaia decided to terminate their partnership. Anton and Anastasiia thank each other for the good cooperation and wish to express their gratitude to their coaches, fans and very grateful to their parents for their support as well.

They danced together for 5 years and represented Russia in Latin American dance program. During their joint career the couple has achieved high results in dancesport. In Youth Under 21 they became Russian National Champions, International and Dutch Open Assen, World and European Cup holders, Blackpool vice-champions, European and World vice-champions all in the same age category.

They also became the finalists and winners of many international competitions.

In Amateur they became champions of European Latin American Showdance 2017, European vice-champion 2018, semi-finalist of World Championships and International and became Russian National Amateur champions as well. See more results.

Anton is looking for a new dance partner.