Amazing givaway for our members - FREE DSI-TV access

Amazing givaway for our members - FREE DSI-TV access

Posted on kedd, 15 jan. 2019, 19:23 by admin
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We have recently launched a new, better version of our membership scheme. The new scheme comes with improved tailored benefits for every member level. You can check the details here.

Up until the end of Sunday (13th Jan) we offer THREE months of free DSI-TV access for new Standard members and SIX months for new Premium members. Existing members can still benefit from this exciting offer by purchasing a membership extension.

So sign up now and get a DSI-TV live stream right for the UK Open next week. As a Premium member you will get six months and that means Blackpool as well!

How to get this offer:

  1. Sign up for Standard or Premium membership on this website. Or extend your existing one.
  2. Check if you have an account with DSI-TV ( Create one for free if needed.
  3. Email us your DSI-TV account name and we will ensure your access is sorted out!