Jakub Rybicki and Nadezhda Martynenko split
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Jakub Rybicki and Nadezhda Martynenko split

Posted on csütörtök, 09 márc. 2017, 21:58 by admin
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After 3 years of dancing together Jakub Rybicki and Nadezhda Martynenko decided to part their ways. They represented Poland in Professional Latin. Jakub and Nadezhda took part in the largest competitions including Blackpool, UK Open and the International were they regularily danced in the top 24 or top 48. They represented Poland at the WDC European and World Professional Latin championships. See more results here.

Jakub and Nadezhda would like to thank each other, their teachers and their parents for all their support.

Both Nadezhda and Jakub are looking for new dance partners now.

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